We offer outbound and inbound services:

Complete origin services for either seashipments or airshipments.
     "Door to door" to Port/Airport services.

   - Full choice of exellent packing materials (imported from Italy).
   - Highly qualified packers.
   - Trained manpower for stacking, stuffing and stowing.
   - Fine personal contacts.
   - Free estimates.
   - Seashipment in 20' or 40' containers to all continents.
   - Optimal combinations sea/land transports for consignments inside european countries
     (through selected gateways in Italy), directly taking containers to final destination or taking
     goods from containers into our truckvans to complete the door to door service.
   - Seashipments in liftvans.
   - Airshipments, via Rome airport (for the moment being), to all destination worldwide.

We service routes stretching out far beyond the horizons to all continents, providing clients
with on-time, precise and speedy services in cargo movement.

2) Customs services.
Import or export formalities in Lybia are always,
     except for diplomatic shipments, a rather uneasy task


     and we believe that thanks to our extremely competent brokers we largely contribute to make it,      most of the times, to consignees' advantage.

3) Destination services.
     Complete destination services, with all possible local
, often turning out wellcome and useful
     for newcomers in Libya.
     Frequent updates to shippers at origin, going as far as
     tracking down shipments long time before their landing in Libya.

4) Full "door to door" insurance.
     Full "door to door" Insurance coverage for outbound
     shipments, if requested.

5) Tariffs
     We feel eager to draw out a rates schedule but,
     as for now, the libyan currency being on a relentless
     course of readjustments in relation to US currency
     this project has to be postponed to further date when
     sufficent stability in changes will make it compatible.