When, in 1984, amid huge difficulties, we have started "pioneering" the creation of reliable
removal Service in Tripoli and Benghazi, our initiative has been more than heartedly wellcomed
by potential users (Diplomats and others) desperately in search of somebody able to safely
send back home their household effects and other personal belongings.

In turning their worries into achievements going far beyond any expectation we began
building up our, now, worldwide reputation and, anytime assistance is needed on
a libyan location, whoever aware of our presence and specialization will think of us with relief.

Even the organizers of the 1996 world-famous Exhibition "The Greeks in Occident" at
PALAZZO GRASSI in Venice, resorted to IMS for the packing and shipment of ancient Greek
archeological treasuries from Cyrene to Venice (and back to Cyrene at the end of the Exhibition).
Archeological pieces being allowed out of Libya for the first time ever.